The NoiseQuest NQ Explorer

The NQ Explorer is our map based interface to airport data and websites. The NQ Explorer allows users to:

  • search for an airport by address or airport name
  • search for an airport via a map interface
  • directly link to airport websites and noise abatement programs

The NQ Explorer we be updated on a regular basis with new airport links and data.

How do I use NQ Explorer?

The NQ Explorer is easy to use. When you open the NQ Explorer, you will find a map centered on North America (don't forget -- NQ Explorer provides access to airport websites and noise abatement programs throughout the world).

To Search via the Zoom IN/Zoom Out Tool:

To zoom in to a particular area, use the scale bar in the upper left corner. Move the scale bar up a tick mark at a time to zoom in.

As you zoom in, you will see that airports are beginning to appear. Each airplane icon represents the location of an airport.

The red airports are the airports that have airport websites and noise abatement programs you can link to. We are updating the site frequently and adding new airports all the time.

To Search for a Particular Airport:

Type the airport name (for example Los Angeles), airport code (for example LAX), or your address into the "Find Airport" search box in the upper right side of your map.

To find airport website and noise abatement information, place your pointer (it should look like a hand) over the airplane icon for your airport and click. NOTE: Only red airplane icons have links to airport websites and noise abatement information. As noted earlier, we will be adding more airports over time.

To link to the airport website or noise abatement program, just click on the links in the pop up window.

For another view of your selected airport, you can change your background settings by clicking on "Satellite", "Hybrid", or "Terrain".

Please check back with the NQ Explorer to see new functionality, options, data, and airport links.