Noise Basics


The FAA has been concerned with aircraft noise for a long time. This is a brief history of the many steps that have been taken to reduce aircraft noise.

  • 1968: The FAA was given authority to impose aircraft noise standards.
  • 1969: The FAA issued noise standards for new designs of civil subsonic jet aircraft. Aircraft that met these standards were later called Stage 2 aircraft. Those that didn't were called Stage 1 aircraft.
  • 1973: The FAA expanded its standards to apply not only to new aircraft designs, but also to newly produced aircraft.
  • 1976: The FAA ordered a phase-out of all Stage 1 aircraft over 75,000 lbs. before 1/1/85.This banned them from using U.S. airports after the determined date.
  • 1977: The FAA established stricter noise regulations for new aircraft. It also established the "Stage" designations. Aircraft that conformed to the new regulations were termed "Stage 3" aircraft.
  • 1980: The FAA is directed by Congress to: (1) make the cutoff date for four-engine airplanes apply to foreign airplanes operating in the United States also; and (2) develop a regulation for airports to follow if they choose to develop a noise compatibility study.
  • 1982: The Airport and Airway Improvement Act was enacted. This act provided for airport improvement program funding.
  • 1990: Congress passed the Airport Noise and Capacity Act of 1990 (ANCA).
    • Civil subsonic jet airplanes weighing more that 75,000 lbs had to meet the Stage 3 regulations by 12/31/99.
    • A gradual phase-out of Stage 2 aircraft or a gradual phase-in of Stage 3 aircraft before the 1999 date was also required.
  • 1990: Aviation Safety and Capacity Act. The Passenger Facility Charge Funding was established.
  • 2005: The FAA adopted a new Stage 4 noise standard. It applies to new aircraft designs submitted on or after 7/5/05.


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Glossary Words:

Airport Noise and Capacity Act (ANCA), Aviation Safety and Noise Abatement Act (ASNA), jet, noise, Stage 2, Stage 3

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