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Community Tools

Our Community Tools section includes: Guidance for Prospective Home Buyers, information about How an Aircraft Works, a listing of Frequently Asked Questions, a Link and Learn page for learners of all ages to find out more about aviation, noise, the environment and science, a Glossary of Terms, and Links to Airports.


NoiseQuest Explorer Mapping Application

NoiseQuest has developed the NoiseQuest NQ Explorer is our map based interface to airport data and websites. Users can search for an airport, link to an airport noise management program and more.


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Noise and Community Affairs Committee within Florida Airports Council

Florida airports and stakeholders have created the Florida Airports Council (FAC)

The council represents the Florida airport community, and keeps members informed on key industry issues, offering a forum to address issues and to lobby local, state, and federal levels of government. There are several Specialty Committees within FAC.


Port of Portland

Aviation activities at Portland International Airport and general aviation airports in Hillsboro and Troutdale play significant roles in helping fuel the region's economy by connecting people and goods in this area with those around the globe. However, increased demands on the Port's aviation infrastructure have been borne at the cost of ...


Waveforms and Sonic Boom Perception and Response (WSPR)

Edwards Air Force Base residents on their attitudes toward sonic booms produced by an F-18 aircraft.


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Ongoing Research Efforts

There are many research efforts being conducted on the effects of aviation noise. These efforts are investigating ways to reduce the effects of noise. This section includes just a few examples of the ongoing research.

PARTNER Project 44: Aviation-Related Noise Effects on the Elderly

Lead investigators at the Boston University School of Public Health and Harvard School of ...


PARTNER Project 19: A Review of the Literature Related to Potential Health Effects of Aircraft Noise


Past noise research has related noise impact to the perception of annoyance and interference. More recent efforts have investigated further the potential health impacts of transportation noise. This literature review considers two potential pathways between aviation noise and health outcomes ...